Getting your head around where your feet should go

During a flood, fire or any home emergency flooring is one thing that will almost certainly be damaged or destroyed and need replacing. We’re very lucky on the Sunshine Coast to have the experts and the brand selection at Custom Flooring Centres to help our restoration customers make the best choices and get the best products and value when they’re choosing replacement flooring.

Brittney Johnson, sales representative and insurance claim expert helps a lot of Coasters choose their flooring. She sees trends and new products and understands the role lifestyle plays in the decision of what type of surface you put your feet on.  

“There are a lot of different flooring products out there and together with the customer, we have to figure out what best for each particular area of the home or business,” explains Johnson. “Important to consider is where the floor will go - kitchen, bathroom, basement etc and if there is moisture in the area. We ask if there are pets or children. We get as much knowledge on living conditions and lifestyle as possible to select a floor that will be a good fit. And costs are a big focus. Insurance clients are given a budget so we have to be very conscious to get them the best products within their allocated budget.”

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Johnson has noticed over recent years that carpet is a less popular choice, “I’m seeing a lot of customers moving away from laminate and carpet,” she explains. “What’s popular right now is both the vinyl plank and vinyl tile products, they’re considered more of a luxury version of sheet vinyl’s. They have great wear and tear and it’s an overall great product, really durable. Right now trends in colours are greys whether it’s brown grey or a true whitewash grey. As grey is a shade it works really well with lots of different styles and colours found in the home. This is important if only a section of the home is being replaced and should match with existing flooring.”

The greatest advantage to vinyl plank flooring is that it is water resistant. This makes it ideal for basements, kitchens, bathrooms, and open concept floorplans or transitions from room to room. Vinyl plank is also a far more affordable option than real hardwood. It’s also a great solution for busy spaces and can withstand high traffic while being easy to keep clean.

“We’re seeing a lot of people running vinyl plank or whatever the hard surface in their main spaces is, through their bedroom and into the bathroom,” explains Johnson. “Hardwood and laminate don’t like moisture so where there are showers or laundry rooms you’ll need a different product but with vinyl plank you can use the same flooring right through.”

“Working with First Response is great,” continues Johnson. “I’ve been working with many of the same project managers for years. In that time we’ve been able to iron out the kinks, and have created what I believe to be a highly effective system which makes the homeowners lives so much easier, especially during trying times where a emergency restoration service is needed. First Response has a very fun crew and I really enjoy working with them”.

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