Damaged areas are removed or dealt with as required: the wet is dried, the dirty is cleaned, and items unable to be cleaned, dried or repaired (non-restorable) are removed.


Cost details associated with the work required to restore property to a pre-loss condition are developed, agreed upon by all relevant parties, then implemented.


Materials are installed and finishes are completed to bring your property back to its
pre-loss condition.

key terms:

Before we outline the process in more detail, here are a few terms to get understand:

WORK AUTHORIZATION: Would you want anyone else besides you or an appointed person authorizing the work on “your” property? Only authorized personnel—usually the home or unit owner—signs a work authorization. The work authorization allows First Response to commence work with emergency mitigation and/or resulting repair work.

DEDUCTIBLE: A deductible is set by an Insurance Policy and outlines an amount due. Think of it as payment towards work being done on a claim.

DRYING PROCESS/EQUIPMENT: We install the necessary equipment that effectively dries your home to prevent microbial growth and further damage.  In order to reduce drying time, we recommend avoiding shutting off the equipment—dehumidifiers are most effective when run continually.

WORK COMPLETION: We ask that all of our clients sign this document upon completion of our work.  We require this in order to ensure complete customer satisfaction and closing of your file.

ICC (Insurance Claims Collaborative Inc.): A 3rd party independent evaluator of flooring. A sample of the damaged flooring is submitted to the ICC and they return a validation stating the per foot price for replacement.