First Response has served clients on the Sunshine Coast for almost 20 years and our longevity speaks for itself. But if you're still not sure if we're the right ones for the job, here are a few testimonials from the many we've received over the years.


Super friendly and efficient team! They made an unpleasant situation so much more tolerable when the old hot-water flexi-hose went to the upstairs bathroom sink causing water to blister the downstairs walls and drip through the light fixtures. Two days before a holiday. Great communication and organization.  Kristy kept us in the loop and organized an appliance specialist ASAP to test our washer and dryer which fortunately were unscathed. We returned from a week away with the house much cleaner than we'd left it.

-Nara B.

Extremely professional and trustworthy staff.  I felt very at ease having their staff in and out of my home.  Great work, thanks again!

-Ron W.

First Response handled our water damage claim beautifully, from remediation to restoration. Given the number of tradespeople who had a hand in getting our home back in shape (Byron came in with those big fans and dehumidifiers to dry up the mess, then the drywaller, appliance repairman, tile setters, finishing carpenter Leigh and finally the carpet cleaners) the job was handled expertly, with Ben choreographing the whole project.  Thanks to Marek and the team for a job well done.

-Claire F.

Thank you for your excellent work, kind and respectful service. 

-Pauline L.

I was so relieved to have First Response to clean up after a terrible flood from my kitchen into my basement living area. A very stressful and confusing process was made much easier thanks to their help.

-John G.

We were completed devastated after a small fire in our kitchen left our home with extensive smoke damage.  We were so overwhelmed with where to start! Our insurance company recommended First Response and they did an unbelievable job from beginning to end.  From logging each and every non-salvageable item for our insurance claim, to cleaning and restoring the salvageable items, painting, cleaning etc…We were so impressed and thankful to have their experienced staff every step of the way.  We are so happy with the outcome and would gladly recommend their service to anyone in need. 

– Beverly &  Jack R.