Esporta Wash Systems

The Esporta Wash System is a powerful, industry changing technological leap forward. It's an influential product and business model with the goal of being the industry’s dominant method for soft contents restoration. Through continuous innovation, they set the modern standard and redefine the potential for restoration companies. 

Hockey Gear Cleaning

The Esporta Machine Cleaning System uses soaps and disinfectants that are specifically developed for cleaning sports equipment. The soaps are deep penetrating, low sudsing, bio-degradable and environmentally safe. Each set of hockey or sports equipment is put into its own mesh bag before being loaded into one of four separate compartments. The cleaning cycle takes 2 ½ hours and is agitation free. Our cleaning system provides a safe and effective method of cleaning sports equipment. 

The Esporta Patented Hydraulic Cleaning Process forces detergents and disinfectants deep into the equipment foam and fabrics, eliminating bacteria and viruses, from all types of sports gear including football and hockey helmets, cleats, shoulder pads, roller blades and ski boots.


Maintenance Tips - Sports Gear

Remember: Smell = Contamination

  • Hang gear up to dry after each use
  • Open your equipment bag to allow it to air out
  • If a strong odor begins to occur and especially if there are signs of skin problems or rashes, discontinue use and have the gear professionally cleaned


Lab Results Conducted For Average Number Of Bacteria On Hockey Equipment:

A count of 25 bacterial particles or less on surfaces is considered acceptable under provincial guidelines. Anything else is considered a potential health hazard and disinfection is required.

  • shoulder pads: 480 bacteria (19 times higher than acceptable quota)
  • helmet: 750 (30 X higher)
  • skates: 2,800 (112 X higher)
  • pants: 4,500 (180 X higher)
  • elbow pads: 6,200 (248 X higher)
  • athletic cup: 9,400 (376 X higher)
  • gloves: 79.000 (3,160 X higher)
  • knee pads: 86,000 (3,440 X higher)



Full Set Cleaning - This includes all body gear, skates and helmet.  Excludes cleaning of hockey bag any regular laundry (jerseys and socks etc)

Adult Full Set - $85

Youth Full Set - $55  (Under 12 yrs)

Goalie Full Set - $135 

Hockey bag cleaning an additional $15/each

**Multiple full sets receive 10% discount**