Getting You Your Fresh Start, Fast.

When it's time to rebuild your home, First Response's experienced construction teams get the job done. Our certified tradespeople specialize in reconstruction: providing quality rebuilds in a timely manner. From framing, to electrical, to finishing, our level of urgency and attention-to-detail will have you ready to move the furniture back in no time.


Our drywall finishers ensure that your new walls are perfectly prepped and ready for paint and trim.


Paint on the walls means you're almost at the finish line. Our experienced painters will work with you to select the right sheen and colour for your property.


Your flooring installation is in the hands of experienced flooring professionals. Carpet, hardwood, vinyl—our experts know it all.



First Response's trusted roofing experts will handle your new or re-roofing requirements using quality, durable materials. Our workmanship is second-to-none.


As the envelope of your home or business, we ensure that any exterior work is rock solid.

Finish Carpentry

Our finishing carpenters know that the devil's in the details. Whether trim, cabinetry or railings, we provide long-lasting, quality workmanship. 



Experienced in rebuilds and restoration, First Response's certified plumbers install and test new and additional plumbing with skill and efficiency.


Wiring, data and cable installation all fall under the expertise of our certified electricians. We strive to get you up and running as soon as possible.