Wind. Fire. Water. DKI Canada has us, and our customers, covered.

You’ve probably noticed the DKI triangle on the First Response logo, trucks and anywhere you see the brand. First Reponses wears the DKI logo proudly but many don’t know the background behind the affiliation. Let’s get to know DKI Canada!  

DKI Canada and the Wind Fire Water logo represents a membership of independent restoration companies across the country. The brand represents a network of proven high quality, like-minded restoration companies who meet and uphold the minimum standards required for membership. This organisation allows these companies to collectively unite, without being a franchise and therefore maintaining a unique and local perspective and presence. DKI Canada membership offers support, resources, industry standards and regulation across the country for independent businesses in communities large and small.

First Response began their partnership with DKI Canada in 2017 so are a relatively new member but so far the benefits have been clear. DKI’s Mission aligns with that of First Response, ‘to be the leader in our industry by providing the best value and the highest quality property restoration services.’

“DKI creates a platform for idea sharing. When we all meet we go over the issues we’re facing in our industry and create solutions together,” explains Stacy Rumba, Operation Manager for First Response. “DKI has certain insurance companies that we’re now preferred with because we are a part of the association. This means the insurance company is able to work with smaller local companies and guarantee our work to their customers, which isn’t something they can offer with non-preferred companies.”

“When you hire a DKI firm, you’re getting an independent owner whose hands on, but who is backed with the resources of a national firm,” adds Geoff Stewart, Director of Western Canada for DKI Canada. “If the Sunshine Coast was to experience massive flooding we could assist with volume. If you open 200 files we can mobilize DKI members, resources or equipment to support, within 24 hours.”

DKI provides the opportunity for locally-owned and run businesses to stay focused locally with sponsorships, staff and community involvement but with the additional advantages of a national company. DKI Canada has a procurement officer sourcing the latest technology, developing technology in-house, vetting vendors and leveraging the buying power of 82 member companies. This set up allows local companies to maintain independence but with national support and the benefits of large numbers.

“We get the best of both worlds,” continues Rumba. “DKI provides national recognition but allows us to keep our identity as a locally run company. And it feels good to be supported knowing that DKI Canada guarantees clients with a high level of quality business practice, that only a DKI member can carry. It’s a powerful network if there was ever a large scale disaster.”

A few weeks ago, First Response got a call from Ripple Rock Restoration DKI on Vancouver Island who needed help managing a large fire demolition. First Response was able to send a labourer over to assist them with the job. The DKI Canada network facilitates this secondment, encouraging DKI member companies to seek, and offer, support when needed.

“Having a solid restoration firm in your community is very important. It saves time and money,” explains Stewart. “Having someone local like First Response is critical when you’ve got an emergency. For DKI companies it’s important we get there. We don’t want to have to wait for someone to come from another city, we want to know you’ve got somebody local, working within an hour.”

“And our customer’s benefit directly from our membership,” adds Rumba. “It gives them access to a network of companies with the same total commitment to exceptional customer service and process efficiency as First Response. Hopefully we never have a large scale here on the Coast, but if we do it’s nice to know we have back up!”

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