The Road to Restoration
Understanding Flooring Insurance Claims

A restoration project differs greatly from a renovation project. Brittney Johnson, sales representative and insurance claim expert at Custom Flooring Centres in Sechelt knows this all too well. “Dealing with clients who are replacing their floor after a flood or a fire, is a lot different than clients renovating or building a new house,” explains Johnson. “Insurance customers are often overwhelmed, and eager to get back to into their homes, so I do my best to help this process move as quickly and smoothly as possible.”

Restoration customers involved in a property damage claim must go through the Insurance Claims Collaborative Inc (ICC). Custom Flooring is the only licensed ICC dealer on the Sunshine Coast and Johnson manages all of the claims coming through, so she is familiar with not only the paperwork, but the process.


ICC is an insurance claim validation and replacement program providing the replacement service for all the insurance companies,” explains Johnson. “Their role is to assist the insurer and help them determine the extent of the damage to the flooring, and with professional testing, to determine what the cost value is and recommend an alternative to what products have been lost or damaged.”

First Response Restoration, usually first on the job, collects a sample of the existing flooring and brings it to Custom Flooring Centres. From there, Johnson completes an online request form and ships the sample to ICC. Within 24 hours she receives a validation report including the recommended alternatives from ICC preferred suppliers along with a price value. Johnson then provides the replacement quote based on that report and an onsite visit from one of Custom Flooring Estimators.  That quote covers the cost of the floor replacement, the installation, consultation and a full warranty.

“I’m the only one on the floor here that deals with the insurance side of things so it’s best to make an appointment with me as there are so many details when it comes to an insurance claims,” she explains.

Once Johnson receives the confirmed budget and list of suggested brands available, she’s able to help customers start shopping and find a floor that will suit their restoration as well as their lifestyle. “Costs are a big focus,” understands Johnson. “Insurance clients are given a budget so we have to be very conscious to get them the best products within their allocated amount. I hope I can make it feel less overwhelming and help them maintain a happy face throughout the process!”

To learn more about insurance claims and ICC contact Brittney Johnson at 604 885-3582