7 Tips to Prepare for Winter
(So you DON’T have to call us!)


Colder temperatures and winter weather are just around the corner, don’t be fooled by this October sunshine! Whether you plan to stick around the Coast for the chillier months or if you’re taking off somewhere warmer, it’s important to make sure your home is ready for the winter. Early preparations will save you time, money and ideally a call to your local restoration company, us!  Below are some top tips for winter preparations from Marek Ahlsten, President of First Response Restoration.

1.     Clean Gutters Out – Often

One of the biggest issues we’re seeing right now, because it was such a dry summer, is leaves clogging up gutters. Be sure to check and clean your gutters throughout the fall. Even if you did it in the summer, do it regularly throughout fall and winter as more debris will get in there. Set a reminder to check gutters periodically.

2.     Turn your Hose Off

Switch all hoses off, drain them and disconnect them from the house. If left outside the water in the hose freezes, causing expansion, which cracks pipes, ruins the hose and could potentially flood your house. Bring your hose inside to ensure it doesn’t freeze and crack.  

3.     Close Crawl Space Vents

To prevent frozen water lines or snow and rain from entering your home, make sure your vents are closed up before winter hits.

4.     Keep Your Chimney Clean

Check regularly for nests, birds and rodents. Nests, furry friends and debris can cause chimney fires. Also, keep your fireplace clear of dust and debris. This area could be prone to sparks that could catch fire to anything around them.

5.     Keep Access to Perimeter Drains

Snow and slush can block your perimeter drains allowing water to build up against your house and flow in. Make sure the area around your house is clear so when snow melts it has somewhere to drain. This is another one to check periodically, to clear any build up.

6.     Manage Your Mould

The Sunshine Coast is in a rain forest which means mould is an issue. Stop build-up by maintaining your indoor air quality, through the temperature and air movement in your house, to avoid condensation. Now that it’s cold outside, any north facing wall will condensate easily.  Keep air flowing, mould happens quickly!

7.     Snowbirds – tips before you fly

Some special tips for the Sunshine Coast Snowbird population. Make sure your water system is turned off and drain your hot water tank. Maintain some heat and air circulation to avoid the mould  mentioned earlier. Open closets, pull beds and dressers away from the walls to allow air to circulate and combat mould. Lastly, contact your insurance broker to ensure you’re covered while you’re out of town. Changes to your policy are easy to make and could save you a lot of money and stress if anything happens while you’re away.  

Despite the best preparations sometime winter causes damage or issues with your home. If you need support we’re available 24/7 to manage floods, fires, impact and wind damage, mould, odour, sewage damage, carpet and upholstery cleaning, reconstruction and more. Call us anytime at 604.886.5949.

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