Spring is the time for Maintenance and Renewal


Congratulations! You’ve survived a long snowy West Coast winter. Spring is here and summer just around the corner. But before you pack the cooler and head for your favourite beach there are a few things you can do around your home or business to set yourself up for a successful spring and summer season. Here are the top tips for spring set-up from our founder, Marek Ahlsten.

1.     Check your home for any changes that may have occurred over the winter. We had more snow than usual on the Coast this winter and your home or building may have suffered. Take a tour around the exterior of your house noting any changes you see from last summer. Take pictures to help you track any potential changes around the foundation, siding and roof.  

2.     Clean out your gutters and eaves. Over winter, gutters can fill with leaves and dirt. Clearing out debris ensures gutters won’t be clogged and water can drain effectively, avoiding the walls of your home. Check gutters regularly throughout spring months to avoid build up.

3.     Reverse winter prep. Turn outdoor taps back on and make sure crawl space vents that you closed for winter are back open. Check hoses to ensure nothing froze and was damaged over winter.

4.     Schedule a professional carpet cleaning. If you have new carpets, many guarantees require you have them professionally cleaned, annually or semi-annually. Spring is a great time to schedule this, removing any dampness, mud, and other debris winter may have brought in and embedded in the fibers.

5.     Check your hot water tank. Make it part of your spring routine to check for obvious leaks and schedule maintenance if required. Many insurance policies won’t cover tanks over 10 years old so ensure yours is still covered under your plan.

6.     Renew and update your policies. It’s a great habit to review, renew and update your insurance policies once a year ensuring you’re aware of any changes.

7.     Check your fire alarms. Test your smoke detectors once, if not twice a year. This simple exercise could be a lifesaver.

If you have any questions on any of these tips, get in touch with us at 604 886 5949 or visit us on Facebook. If we can’t help you we have a fantastic local network we can connect you with. Happy Spring!  

April 23, 2018